The concept of patient-centred care is gaining momentum worldwide. But what does it really mean? And how can an organization re-align itself to be more patient-centric?


We worked with a leading Canadian healthcare organization to help them define their own vision of patient-centricity, align their operations around it, and develop new patient-centred strategies and tactics that benefit both patients and our client’s bottom line.

A collection of practical tools for employees embeds patient-centricity in everyday operations.

Looking to the future

Bridgeable Foresight Horizon Scan illuminated current trends in Canadian and international healthcare. With the benefit of multiple possible scenarios for the future, our client was able to separate signal from noise and hone in on real opportunities to lead and distinguish itself in the marketplace. The result was a clear vision for where they want to be in five years, along with a roadmap for how to get there.

Aligning around a new vision

We created an environment for our client’s own definition of patient-centricity to emerge organically. Highly collaborative workshops engaged employees at all levels of the organization. As a result, the future vision had both support and momentum internally, and at the highest levels. Most important, this perspective was uniquely suited to this company, their strengths, their opportunities, and their core purpose.

Crystallizing change

When your vision is complex and multi-faceted, how do you communicate it to hundreds or thousands of employees? Our client’s vision for a patient-centric organization was distilled into a single-page desk aid. At a glance, employees at every level were able to understand the vision, see what was important, and know where their focus was required.

Embedding the tools

A fully modular toolkit provided a step-by-step visual guide for implementing patient-centred change across the organization. It was developed through an internal pilot project where we built, tested and iterated ideas, learning from implementation challenges and successes. The result was a collection of practical tools that employees could use everyday, informed not only by bright ideas, but by real experience.

A large company re-aligns its operations around a new vision for the future.