Information technology (IT) in healthcare must innovate on a large scale to meet the challenges our system faces. And yet, the sector has an incredibly complex array of stakeholders: clinicians of all varieties, administrators, managers, and entrepreneurs, all working to effect change within their own domain. MaRS brought together leaders from across these disparate groups to collaboratively reimagine healthcare IT in Ontario.


At the Health Innovation Forum, Bridgeable took 80 stakeholders through a full day of hands-on design-thinking activities that sparked sharing and ideas for healthcare innovation. Collaborative connections established that day continued to thrive as the Health Tribe, an online collaboration forum.

Bridging silos

With so many different initiatives occurring in so many different silos, IT in healthcare falls victim to a high degree of duplicated effort, and it’s difficult for new technology to break through and achieve scale. Our unique approach to facilitation broke down barriers between participants and established a common ground for them to develop a shared vision for healthcare in Ontario.

Making it real

With our designers facilitating, we used live-prototyping to quickly translate participants’ ideas into tangible concepts. New ideas, themes, and connections became visible. This wasn’t just valuable because it brought fresh thinking to life — the very act of prototyping reveals un-thought of enablers and roadblocks. In fact, some of the most valuable insights of the day were hidden roadblocks to innovation and concrete ideas for overcoming or dismantling them.

Participants use prototyping tools to convey concepts and explore ideas.

Harnessing momentum

Feedback for the Health Innovation Forum was resoundingly positive — participants felt engaged, inspired, and motivated to build on the day’s success by continuing the conversation. Two-thirds of participants signed up for the Health Tribe, an online collaboration forum in the days following the event.

Two-thirds of participants continued to stay engaged beyond the event, by joining Health Tribe, an online collaboration forum.

A collaborative forum mobilizes change-makers

across the Ontario healthcare IT landscape.