Caring for a new baby is one of the most exciting times in a mother’s life. It’s also overwhelming. There is so much information about a baby’s health, from so many sources, to collect, track, and make sense of.


We worked with MaRS, a global innovation hub, to reimagine how mothers could better access the personal and clinical health information of their children. The result was BabyBundle, an app that provides a complete picture of a child’s health.


Our validated prototype for a five-year public-private initiative allows government and potential funders to see tangible, concrete benefits for families – and for the healthcare system.

Translating abstract data into healthy decision-making

New mothers told us about the lack of control they felt in managing their child’s health information – from how often their baby fed, to where their immunization card was kept, to whether their baby was meeting developmental milestones. In a co-creation workshop, we brought new mothers face-to-face with doctors and healthcare innovators to begin to prototype what giving mothers greater control over their children’s health information would look like.

A dashboard that grows with the child

The resulting solution was BabyBundle: a simple, holistic view of a child’s health – from latest milestones to feeding to immunizations – on a mobile device. Key information appears all in one place, with new information presented in the larger context of a child’s current health and development. Because BabyBundle is a flexible ecosystem of tracking apps, parents can download different features as they need them. This creates a dashboard that is always relevant, and that grows with the child.

Making sure nothing is lost in translation

Mothers are constantly asked to provide health information to different care providers – from a different doctor to a new daycare. At the same time, different practitioners often give different, sometimes conflicting information, which the parent is expected to pass on. BabyBundle allows mothers to share their child’s health information right in the app, so they can be confident that all of their child’s care providers are on the same page.

Mapping out the system

The System Map outlines all of the health information that BabyBundle connects with and all of the caregivers the system can share with.

Now it’s easy for moms to understand, track, manage, and share information about their baby’s health. See the full process of the project here.