FoodShare is Canada’s largest food security organization. Their mission is to provide healthy food for all. One of FoodShare’s many programs is Field to Table Catering, a social enterprise whose profits support the larger organization.


When the catering business wasn’t living up to its potential, we worked with them to rethink the business, redesign their service, and re-establish their brand.


The result? Sales doubled within the first six months.

Bridging different interests

As a for profit initiative serving paying customers, Field to Table was the subject of an identity crisis within FoodShare, its nonprofit parent. Our first step was to help the organization align around a common vision for the business. In co-creation sessions with multiple stakeholders, FoodShare arrived at a new understanding of the unique role Field to Table could play — and where it could and should stand apart from the larger brand.

A Bridgeable Service Blueprint plans an improved experience across touch points.

Moving from great food to a great experience

In research, we found that while customers loved Field to Table’s food, other elements of the service made them hesitate to trust the company with more business. A Bridgeable Experience Map, which showed what was happening for customers at every step, showed where there was room for improvement. Co-creation sessions with stakeholders, which included live prototyping, resulted in a Bridgeable Service Blueprint for better service across touchpoints.

Putting the right supports in place

For a business to change how it delivers, employees must have the processes, training and tools to succeed. We worked with Field to Table on everything from establishing a new system for taking and changing orders, to empowering delivery personnel with clear checklists. In training and workshops, we engaged staff, incorporated their input, and ensured they were up-to-speed.

Defining and delivering an optimized brand experience

A brand experience is the sum of its parts. Distilling everything we’d learned together, we created new branding and marketing materials for Field to Table and a service offering to match. To communicate the proposition, we delivered a new logo, a new, easy-to-navigate website, new collateral, and recommendations on how to further engage the community. This accompanied important changes to the menu, a completely new ordering and delivery management system, and critical infrastructure such as internal order tracking.

A new website is part of a complete branding system that reinforces the redesigned offering.

Redesigning a service business doubles sales within six months.