Boniva, an established osteoporosis treatment due to come off patent, needed to defend and grow its share against all odds. Their goal was to improve patient adherence and provide physicians with educational tools that they would actually use.


In spite of a 40% reduction in budget allocated to the brand, Bridgeable’s innovations in educational materials, adherence supports, and packaging translated into brand growth of 7%.

A new patient-centred kit of materials spurred adherence, leading to 7% growth for the brand.

Seeing the same problem differently

Although Boniva had been in the market for years, what we found challenged our client’s long-held beliefs. Their existing packaging and educational materials were in many cases negatively received by physicians and patients: a large blister pack that was intended to communicate value instead was seen by many patients as an indication that the drug might be too powerful; educational materials that were meant to seem high-end instead seemed inappropriate for use in a doctor’s office.

Focusing on what’s important

Through repeated consultation and iteration with patients and physicians, we redesigned materials surrounding Boniva. The final kit spoke directly to what was important for both doctors and patients: compassionate product information that spoke to a patient’s self-identity as young and vibrant, and simple tools to help them track monthly dose schedules, including reminder stickers for their calendar.

Disrupting the trend

As a drug goes off-patent, resources are normally reallocated to other projects and sales enter a sharp decline. In Boniva’s case, the team’s budget was cut by 40%. In spite of this, its new Education and Adherence strategy spurred the brand to grow by 7%, an unprecedented success for the team.

User-centred innovations in education and adherence reverse the trajectory for a long-established brand.