Our client, a global pharmaceutical company, had an ambition to be a leader in patient-centricity. While select initiatives were already underway, each internal team had a different perspective and agenda. What they required was a definition and strategy that could span the entire organization.  Bridgeable developed a strategy that worked at every level of the organization, grounded in practical tools that empowered employees to deliver a better patient experience.

Walking the patient-centricity walk, not just talking the talk

Tools were developed to provide relentlessly practical guidance for designing a better patient experience. Bridgeable’s team of strategists and designers distilled a highly complex, multi-faceted change effort into a straightforward process that is embedded in the workflow at every level of the organization.

Design thinking meets change management

Organizational change of this magnitude requires robust scaffolding. We worked with our client to develop supports at every level of the organization, including the definition of key roles. Combining expertise in management consulting and design strategy, we transformed the way that business is conducted so that the organization can more consistently deliver value to patients.

Sharing the story of change

How do you gain buy-in across a complex multinational organization? Our designers constructed a variety of outputs that went well beyond traditional PowerPoint decks. Beautifully designed materials consolidated the facts, clearly making the case for why  change was required. Bridgeable Foresight, including the development of future healthcare scenarios, was brought to bear. Key tools and processes made the change tangible.  The result was an engaging, detailed, and practical platform for mobilizing the organization.