As a new entrant to a crowded category, a leading biotechnology company needed to quickly establish itself as a credible and innovative leader in the science of cardiovascular disease.


The solution was The Artery of Education: a completely immersive physical and digital travelling exhibit that includes an artery you can walk through, a 12-foot interactive touch wall, and a multi-player video game called “Plaque Attack.”

Designing a dynamic experience

The Artery of Education was conceived as a seamless experience. Long before construction began, a carefully planned Bridgeable Service Blueprint showed how people would experience the exhibit as a whole — with key messages and interactions reinforcing each other to raise awareness and drive engagement.

Transforming complexity

The science of cardiovascular disease is complex — and so is communicating a novel mechanism of action in a way that makes its benefits clear. Through the efforts of several of our expert resident biomedical communicators, the biomolecular world came alive in a way that is both true to science and makes intuitive sense.

Shifting perspectives

A different sense of scale was used to awaken stakeholders to new ways of thinking. A 12-foot interactive touch wall let visitors explore the science of cholesterol, a larger-than-life model of a cholesterol molecule illustrated the drug’s mechanism of action, and a 10-foot artery “tunnel” immersed them in the microscopic world of red blood cells, cholesterol, and extruding plaque. Epidemiological data and study findings were visualized in interactive modules.

Key messages were reinforced throughout six unique touch-table games.

Making a game of it

“Plaque Attack,” a video game that demonstrates the new product’s novel mechanism of action, was played on a custom touch-table interface at the center of the exhibit. Up to six people could play at once, creating a uniquely addictive social experience. Key messages about the product and how it works were consistently reinforced throughout six unique games.