Using Design to Deepen Relationships in the Financial Sector

By / August 03, 2017

Financial Event attendees

The financial sector is experiencing a staggering rate of change. How can we keep up without losing sight of what’s most important?

Whether it takes the form of advances in IT, investment management transformation like blockchain, or Fintech firm disruption, digital technology is shaping the financial services industry on every level. However, with this incredible innovation comes risk.

We believe that it’s critical not to allow technology to be the prime factor in driving innovation. Human-centered design techniques are being used by organizations around the world to gain deep customer insights, leading to solutions that create relationships both with external clients and internal stakeholders.

With that in mind, we welcomed those responsible for shaping the future of financial institutions such as RBC, Scotiabank and TD to join us bright and early for breakfast and inspirational food for thought. The topic of this Bridgeable Breakfast Series event: how design can deepen relationships in the financial sector.

We had the opportunity to learn from three industry leaders sharing some of their experiences using design in a financial sector context:

Janet Jones (Design Strategist at Scotiabank Digital Factory) kicked off the event, discussing how design research methods help to reveal customers’ relationship to banking services and how those insights shape product decisions.

Key Takeaway

Research and testing aren’t just boxes to be checked off on the way to delivery. They are methodologies that we must integrate into the entire design process.

Karen Behboudi (VP of Digital Marketing at CI Investments) shared her lessons learned using design research techniques to understand the advisor landscape.

Key Takeaway

When doing design research, the people you interview will want to tell stories. Make time to listen, don’t just follow your interview script point-by-point.

Finally, Tom Creighton (Design Director at Wealthsimple) talked about how design enables relationships with their customers through their financial products and services.

Key Takeaway

Design builds long-term relationships. Using design is a way to prove you mean what you say—you can’t convince customers of something that design isn’t delivering on.

The talks were followed by a lively discussion of how financial sector organizations can continue to grow the capacity to build new relationships through design.

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