Nine obscure words, nine false definitions

By / June 27, 2012

Those who have taken part in our ideation and co-creation workshops know the Bridgeable team regularly participates in an improvisation class where we practice the techniques of building on ideas (by saying ‘yes’), thinking on our feet, and learning how to focus our energy into the moment.

Often we do something a little differently from the standard set of exercises to help connect the practical principles of improv to our business. Recently we played a word-oriented game, inspired by the board game Balderdash. Our version was called ‘Bullshit’. In an effort to think about language differently, we chose obscure words directly from the dictionary and tried to guess what they meant.

Out of the nine words chosen, we selected the best false definitions (measured by how humorous, ridiculous, and mistakenly accurate they were). Words include: Aubade, groyne, knop, mandorla, motmot, paradiddle, xeriscaping, periphrasis, and sodality. To see our definitions is to see into the mind of the average Bridgeable-ite:

Bridge_BS dictionary-01

Bridge_BS dictionary-02

Bridge_BS dictionary-03

Bridge_BS dictionary-04

Bridge_BS dictionary-05

The real definitions:

  • AUBADE: poem or piece of music appropriate to the dawn or early morning
  • GROYNE: a low wall or sturdy timber barrier built out into the sea from a beach to check erosion and drifting
  • KNOP: a knob, especially an ornamental one
  • MANDORLA: a pointed oval figure used as an architectural feature and as an aureole enclosing figures such as Christ or the Virgin Mary in medieval art
  • MOTMOT: a tree-dwelling tropical American bird with colourful plumage, typically having two long racket-like tail
  • PARADIDDLE: one of the basic patterns of drumming
  • PERIPHRASIS: a roundabout way of saying something
  • SODALITY: a confraternity or association, especially a Roman Catholic religious guild or brotherhood
  • XERISCAPING: a garden or landscape created in a style that requires little or no irrigation or other maintenance