Rebranding from Cooler to Bridgeable: This Feels More Like It

By / February 11, 2013


Since our company started in 2004, it’s been an incredible journey. We have worked across diverse industries, exploring and designing solutions from office furniture and cycling to cancer treatment tools and human-centered strategies. We have had the honour of working with inspired clients, collaborators and team members who have been champions of human understanding and innovation through design.

A short time ago, we set out to revisit, rethink, reframe and organize ourselves to truly reflect the work we’ve been doing for the last 9 years. As we have grown and evolved, one thing that we discovered is our passion for translation. Bridging between human understanding and design solutions, bridging between people using products and services and the organizations who provide them and bridging between the world of design and the organizations who we partner with.

So as part of our ongoing growth and evolution we’ve decided to transition from Cooler Solutions to two sister companies: Bridgeable (research and design) and Bridge Factory (design for production). We’re still under one roof and still collaborating to provide our clients with high impact solutions.

Thanks to all of those who have partnered with us on the journey so far. We hope you love the new brand as much we do.


BridgeableBridge Factory