An exceptional experience results from touchpoints working in harmony over time – from your store to your call center, your website to your mobile notifications, your pamphlets to your sales calls.

Prioritize what’s pivotal

Focus on the moments where you have the greatest opportunity to make an impact. Bridgeable’s behavioral approach reveals current and desired behavior in every channel, at every point in your customer or health care journey.

Effective digital experiences
Meaningful content and collateral
Satisfying sales and service rep interactions
Engaging kiosks, exhibits, and stores

Simplify and streamline

Distill complexity, whether it’s financial returns, telecommunications usage, drug safety information, or set-up instructions. Break through the clutter to highlight what truly matters to those you serve in compelling new ways. Take advantage of Bridgeable’s specialized expertise in design disciplines like biomedical illustration and UX.

Use nudges

A very small change can make a very large difference. Building on Bridgeable’s work with the Center for Advanced Hindsight at Duke University in North Carolina, harness the power of behavioral economics to nudge people in the right direction and make smarter choices for themselves.

Test deeply

Go beyond getting broad reactions to “concepts” and “features” by prototyping and iterating every element of a touchpoint in high fidelity, whether that means digital, print, video, or human interactions. This the only way to ensure that a solution that sounds good in theory can succeed in the real world.