The Internet. Social media. New technologies. They’re all driving fundamental shifts in the nature of customer interaction. With so much beyond your control, how can you deliver a unified experience that engages customers across touchpoints?

Look beyond the surface of your organization

Your customer’s journey is shaped by factors far beyond front-line interactions. It’s shaped by your staff’s beliefs, by the technology you use, by financial drivers, by your customer’s friends, by the websites your customers visit. Through methods including ethnographic and design research, workshops, and crowdsourcing, we collaborate directly with stakeholders to understand their reality.

Customer experience is a journey, not a destination

Bridgeable Experience Maps aggregate massive amounts of insight — what’s happening, for which stakeholders, when, and where — into an at-a-glance view of the interactions affecting your customers. It shows all of your touchpoints in context, making it easier to prioritize opportunities across channels and make investment decisions. This is the start of designing better customer experiences.

Create a blueprint for success

Once the current state is clear, our designers work with you and your stakeholders to create an optimized customer experience. Methods like live prototyping simultaneously uncover latent needs and deliver working solutions. To transition to implementation, we develop Bridgeable Service Blueprints, which practically and clearly connect front-of-house service-level interactions with back-of-house roles, infrastructure, and technology.

Big ideas are easy, execution is difficult

Bridgeable delivers projects for some of the world’s largest and most complex organizations. We do this by combining practical expertise with hands-on collaboration with your team. The resulting customer experience reveals your unique value and drives loyalty across touchpoints. With your people engaged in the process along the way, your organization is aligned to deliver on its potential.