Educational Games: Ten Design Tips for Immersive Learning Experiences

By / February 02, 2014

Bridgeable’s article entitled “Educational Games: Ten Design Tips for Immersive Learning Experiences,” written by team members, , and , was published in the Collaboration Issue (November 2013, Issue 13.4) of the User Experience Magazine.

At Bridgeable, we believe games can uniquely communicate complex biomedical topics to create memorable and educational experiences. You can read our full article here.

“Games have become the go-to technology for creating engaging and educational experiences. They have popped up online, in schools, in museums, at large corporate events, and at conferences. User experience designers are now facing the challenge of designing optimal gaming experiences in all of these new contexts.

A major pharmaceutical company tasked us with building a video game to teach attendees at an international psychiatry conference about the pathophysiology of schizophrenia. In case the complexity of the topic wasn’t enough, we also had to make the experience fun and engaging in a space filled with interesting exhibits, all competing for attention.

Our solution involved a series of short, interconnected games that took a new spin on both quiz- and action-style games (see Figure 1). Following the game’s success at the conference, we were inspired to share ten tips that we believe can help UX designers build blockbuster biomedical games.”

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