What’s it like to work at Bridgeable?



Here are some of the things that we like best about the experience of working at Bridgeable:

  • We’ve got free fruit, yogurt, and other healthy snacks
  • We participate in improvisational theatre workshops regularly
  • An employee experience committee organizes fun events, like Summer Camp
  • Every Monday, we convene for ‘scrum’, which lets us reconnect with coworkers working on other projects
  • Monthly staff meetings let us talk about the business as a whole
  • As a general rule, our colleagues are thoroughly committed to producing excellent work
  • We cultivate a supportive atmosphere where sharing your work early and often helps make it the best it can be
  • We encourage team members to have generally reasonable hours, leaving evenings and weekends free; however, we do have occasional long hours to get everything ready for a deadline
  • We pride ourselves on building a team of people who are kind to each other and support each other no matter what


In terms of the experience of the Designership itself, it’s perhaps best to think of it like a Ferrari. It’s definitely fun, definitely exciting, and has a whole lot more cool factor than most other internships (at least, that’s what we think). But the reality is that you need to take it seriously to get the most out of it, and to prevent it from crashing and burning. So, these are things that our Designership teams have to hold in tension.